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  1967 - Established with the joint venture of Thai and Taiwanese investors (Walsin
  Lihwa Electric & Cable Corp. and Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.) It was granted
  promotional privileges by the Board of Investment. The capital investment was started
  up with Baht10 Million.

  1968 - Constructed plant and installed machines.

  1969 - Began production of Aluminium and supplied to domestic electricity authorities.

  1970 - Expanded production of Copper Rolling, Copper Melting and Copper Cable to
  meet the increasing demand of the market. And the capital investment was increased to
  Bath 12 Million.

  1972 - Expanded production of Aluminium Melting Rod. Semi product of Aluminium Cable.
  1973 - Installed Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine. Model 6 Properzi and
  increased the capital to Bath 15 Million.

  1974 - Increased capital to Baht 21 Million.

  1975 - The Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) has awarded its Standard Mark to
  all CHAROONG THAI Product.

  1976 - Registered as a public company, and CHAROONG THAI products.

  1977 - Began the Telephone Cable Project to the satistv increasing demand by
   Thailand and its neighbours.

  1978 - The capital investment was increased to Baht 12 Million.

  1979 - Began Exporting its products within the ASEAN region. Specifically Singapore.
  Indonesia and the Philippines.

  1980 - Increased Aluminium Cable Capacity to 1,000 MT per month.- Increased

  1983 - Installed Tandem Line : the high technology telephone cable machine.

  1984 - Produced the first ever-biggest aluminium cable in the country.

  1985 - Received in The Standard Mark from Thai Industrial Standard Institute for
  Jelly Filled Telephone cables.

  1986 - Invested in Thai C.R.T. Co.,Ltd. the sole manufacturer of Television Picture Tubes
  under the promotional privileges of the B0OI. Thai C.R.T. received the technical
  know-how from Mitsubishi. Japan and Siam Cement Group was the leader of
  management team. The amount of the investment was Bath 3 Million or 0.5%
  of the total capital Baht 600 Million

  1987 - Added electronic copper wires in the production lines and received standard
  mark from UL C.S.A. and also started manufacturing of power low voltage cables.
  XIPE (SIOPLAS) delivered to Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA).

  - Invested in H.R. Silvine Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. which has started to produce
  electronic wires and wire harness to 80% export under the promotional privileges of
  BOI. H.R. Silvine Electronics Inc., Taiwan holds 65% of total capital Baht 88 Million and
  leads the management. The company holds 10% of the total capital and also joints the
  management team.

  1988 - Increased the registered capital to Bath 100 Million and reduced the par value
   from 100 baht per share to 10 baht per share. The paid up capital in the year was Baht
  63 Million.

    - Invested in Thai Metal Processing Co.,Ltd. a manufacturer of copper rods. Amounted
  of Baht 22.5 Million or 15% of the total capital Baht 150 Million. The major shareholder
  and the leader of the management team is Yazaki Group of Japan.

  1989 - Recalled the capital amounted of that of Baht of Bath 37 Million, therefore, the
   total registered and paid up capital reached Baht 100 Million.

  1990 - The company purchased 130 Rai (208,000 square metre) of land in 1989 and
  constructed factory One for the production of telephone cable at Bangnamprieo district,
  Chachoengsao province.

  1991 - Installed new machinery and expanded the factory Two for the production of
  high-voltage power cable.

  1992 Installed new machinery and transferred existing equipment from the Phra
  Pradaeng factory to the new facilities. Inaugurated the new factory at the beginning of

  1993 - The high voltage power cable production was commenced.

  1994 - The company renamed as Charoong Thai Wire and Cable "Public" Co.,Ltd. by the
   SET requirement.
    -The company established CTW (Hong Kong) Limited mainly involve off shore
  investment for CTW.

    -The company sealed a three year cooperation agreement with Pacific Electric Wire &
   Cable Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of power cable in Taiwan, and one year
  agreement with PCFL (Finance) Ltd., a Hong Kong based financial institution. The
  support of these two companies enabled CTW to improve efficiency in operations and
  management through more efficiency computerization.

  1995 - Successfully completed construction of an electrical substation, as scheduled,
  stabilizing power supplies to the facilities

    -Constructed factory three to produce aluminium power cable and installed machinery
  for the manufacture of high-voltage electric cable.

    -Established CTW Apex Co., Ltd. mainly involve cash management for CTW.

  1996 - Successfully completed installation of machinery and commenced operations at
  factory three for the production of aluminium power cable.

    -Established CTW Beta Co., Ltd. mainly involve investment & management on
  Telecommunication Projects.

    -The company received the ISO 9002 from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI)

  1997 - The company established CTW Com Co., Ltd. mainly involve import & export
  trading business.

    -To form Siam Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. "SFO" joined with Fujikura Ltd. Italian-Thai
  Development Public Co., Ltd. and Tomen Corporation, SFO well manufacture
  fiber optic cables and its factory constructions start at the side of CCS factory.

    -The company received the ISO 9002 quality management certificate from the Thai Industrial Standards institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry, The certification will pave the way for future business in new and existing markets.

  1998 - The company increased the efficiency of production of 69 KV high voltage electric
  wires and it has been registered at the Industrial Products Standards Office, Ministry of

    - Installed X-Ray 8000 machinery to improve efficiency and quality in operations of high
  voltage electric wires.

    - The company increased capital from Baht 296,832,400 to Baht 890,497,200 and
  Siam Fiber Optics "SFO" increased capital from Baht 160 million to Baht 240 million.
  The company increased a stake in SFO from 55% to 59.99%

  1999 - Siam Fiber Optics Co.,Ltd. (Subsidiary Companies) received the ISO 9002
  from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI)

    - The Company has been registered at the Industrial Products Standards Office,
  Ministry or Industry, Product of the Company, 115 KV. High Voltage electric wires
  (Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Polyethylene Jacketed Cable)

    - The Company has established an Audit Committee and the Internal Audit Unit.