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The code of practice for the directors of Charoong Thai Wire and Cable Public

Company Limited (CTW) is to be considered the best practice guideline for their

conduct while holding a director of the Company:

   1. Compliance with the Laws and CTWs regulation
Directors must conduct their duties honestly, comply with all laws, the objects and

the articles of association of CTW, and the resolutions of any shareholder meetings

in good faith, and with care to preserve the interests of the CTW.

   2. Confidentiality

All confidential information must not be used for the personal benefit of any

individual(s). Directors of CTW must safeguard confidential information obtained

in the normal course of business. This duty of protecting the confidentiality of CTW

information continues even after directors resign or cease to be director of CTW.

   3. Integrity and Accuracy of CTWs Records

CTWs business records are depended upon to produce reliable and accurate

reports to the management, shareholders, customers, governmental entities and

others. All official records of CTWs business must be accurate, honest and


   4. Insider Trading

Any directors who possess any insider information will suspend all trading

transaction of CTWs securities either direct or indirect prior to the submission to

the SET or CTWs publication of any information which may materially affect those

securities value. This is to ensure fairness and integrity in the financial markets,

buying or selling CTWs securities.

   5. Conflicts of Interest

Directors must not place themselves in positions where their own interests could

conflict either direct or indirect with those of CTW. Directors decisions in the

business must be made solely in the best interest of CTW.

   6. Relation with Shareholders and other stakeholders

Directors must have accountability to the shareholders and financial supporter in

aspect of disclosure, accounting procedure. Directors must make decision honestly,

fairness for both majority and minority shareholders, and for all stakeholders


   7. Relations with Customers

Directors must build productive relationships with CTWs customers based on

integrity, ethical behavior and mutual trust. Directors and managements must take

care and maximize accountability in aspect of setting and maintenance products

standard, product quality.

   8. Relations with vendors or creditors

Directors must ensure that the trading practices from suppliers or vendors are

practically performed, including borrowing conditions and terms; objective,

repayment, collateral and other commitments.

   9. Relations with Employees

Directors must ensure that CTW provides a safe, healthy and productive work

environment. They also ensure CTW set employment procedures and equal

employment to ensure that CTW employs the person who has quality and

necessary knowledge for the business operations.

   10. Relations with Environments, Communities and Societies

Directors must have a responsibility to environments, communities and societies to

use theirs resources and maintain environments.

Announce as at September 23, 2005.

(Mr. Chai Sophonpanich)