Product Line
Product Capacity
Certificate ISO 17025
Certificate of Fire Resistant Cable


  CTW is recognized as the premier electric wires and cables manufacturer that achieved
  both local and international standard.

  * The Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI), Ministry of  Industry has awarded its
  "Standard Mark"  TIS 64-2517
  TIS 11-2531 TIS 85-2522 TIS 293-2541 TIS 86-2522
  TIS 118-2522
  TIS 838-2531

  ** ISO 9001 Version 2008 ( Quality Management System Certification )
  - In order to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and enhance
  customer satisfaction be meeting customer requirement.
  - The plant is certified for the scope: Design and development and manufacture of
  electric wire/cable and telephone wire/cable.
  International Accreditation : Approval by Bureau Veritas (BV)
  in 2003
  Local accreditation : Approval by Management System Certification (Thailand) (MASCI)
  in 2003